Proximal Distance


Kindred Spirits

Proximal Distance is a collaboration of progressive rock groups Slychosis and Majestic. Featuring Gregg Johns (Slychosis) and Jeff Hamel (Majestic).


In summer of 2008, Gregg and Jeff began the collaboration. Slychosis and Majestic were similar in format. Both were the typical multi-instrumentalist “one man” bands.  Although both bands brought in other musicians as guest artists, artistically and musically both bands were very similar in style and how they worked.  The two musicians decided to try a couple of tracks as a collaboration via working over the internet, recording parts and beginning the process of building some music. It became quite clear that as the first couple of ideas started to form that the music was solid and started to take a direction on its own. It so became that an album had to be released.

More talent.

As the music was taking shape, Gregg and Jeff decided to bring on board some other talents on to the project. Taking on vocals was Majestic’s own Jessica Rasche.  On drums and percussion two talents from the Slychosis camp, Jeremy Mitchell and Todd Sears. Also handling the release artwork is Slychosis artist Vladimir Moldavsky.


Taking from both Gregg and Jeff’s progressive influences, the Proximal Distance sound is along the likes of Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Saga and many more 70’s style influences and should please even the most hardcore progressive rock listeners.


We just finished mastering the cd at Ardent Studios in Memphis and is off to duplication now. Expect availability in mid Feb 2010.

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