Jeff Hamel


Majestic – Guitarist/keyboardist

Official Majestic Website

Jeff has been playing guitar since he was 14 being mentored by Sponge’s former guitar player Joey Mazzola. In the 90’s, Jeff spent a couple of years studying recording technologies at the Record Institute of Detroit under the eye of recording titan Robert Dennis. This exposed Jeff to many other forms of music.


In 2004, Jeff relocated to Minneapolis and began persuing his passion for symphonic progressive rock and created the Majestic project. As a multi-instrumentalist, Jeff manages to compose, play and record all the instruments used for Majestic. Over the years, Jeff has developed a unique guitar style and incorporated influences from various progressive bands.


Yes, Genesis, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Riverside, Ayreon, King Crimson and Deep Purple are some of the bands that influence Jeff. Many of these influences are clearly heard throughout the music of Majestic.


Majestic releases include Arrival, String Theory and Descension.


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