Majestic’s New Release: Ataraxia

Oct 2010 – Minneapolis, MN

We are pleased to announce the next CD from Majestic, named Ataraxia, is now available! This next CD continues the evolution of Majestic with new musicians contributing throughout. This new exciting lineup produced by Jeff Hamel and featuring the powerful voice of Jessica Rasche, brings in Chris Nathe on Drums and also features cameo appearances by John Wooten (Drums), Gregg Johns (Guitar), Jerry Swan (Bass) and Jeremy Hamel (Acoustic Guitar). Ataraxia is marked with much more of a dynamic sound than its predecessor Arrival, which should please all fans of progressive rock. Containing 11 new tracks, the CD has 3 definitive movements each with its own flavor of progressive influences, ranging from hard rock to ambient, and everything in between. Recorded in Minneapolis, Mastered by Channel Fuse Media, and released by MALS Ltd. Ataraxia is a CD worth checking out!

Also note that Slychosis’s new CD named Mental Hygiene is coming out soon. Keep checking back here for the latest information.

Stop by the website to see the release video and listen to some of the new music.